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Call divert - How to

How to set up call divert If you have a telephone system, you can set up call divert yourself or you might need to contact your system providers so that they can configure call divert for you.

If you can control call divert from your handset then you can contact your network provider or if you are a BT customer then you can call them on 0800 389 2312. BT can set up the service remotely and charges apply.Your call divert options There are 3 options: * Divert all calls * Divert when you're busy/engaged * Divert after 15 seconds (approx 6 rings)

Controlling your own call divert Lift the handset and: Set up 'divert all calls' - *21* (your divert number)# and to cancel #21# Set up 'divert when busy/engaged' - *67* (your divert number)# and to cancel #67# Set up 'divert after 15 seconds (approx 6 rings) - *61* (your divert number)# and to cancel #61# At each stage a digital voice will confirm your touch tone instructions so that you can double check you have diverted in the right way to the right number.

Call divert cost implications If you divert a call to another number you pay when the calls divert through to that number, so there will always be a cost implication. How much depends on the type of number you select to divert your calls. The rates are determined by your call provider. If you divert calls to a mobile number then you will pay the same rate as if you are making a call to that mobile number. Likewise if you divert to a UK landline, you will pay the same rate. Only if you divert to a freephone number (0800 or 0500) will your call divert be free.

Smart call divert This is remote call divert service which you can activate when you are out and about. BT charges apply.