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Submitted by vbcadmin on March 30, 2023

Office DeskWhat’s the process when you invest in us and we take on answering your calls?

Many people don’t understand what a telephone answering service actually does, or how would work for their business. Once they dip their toe in the water though, they generally stay with us for many years and we become part of their outsourced team. 

Often, wrongly, people assume that we are a type of call centre, answering calls without any thought or any passion. This is not the case. 

My team of receptionists are there to work as an extension of your business.  They answer calls in a professional manner, with knowledge of what your business does, and they answer how you would answer yourself. 

We can answer your calls regularly, if you are very busy with clients, or out and about driving and not able to note information down, or you may want us to answer your calls, just while you are on holiday.

So, what is the process when you sign up with VBC?

  • Initially, we have a planning call to set the parameters for telephone answering. Here we will talk about how you want the calls to be answered. What words do you want used, that fit with the style and manner you would use, had you answered the call yourself?
  • We will also discuss who is likely to call you. We need to understand your audiences as this will be different for everyone. 
  • How do you want to receive details about those calls? Do you want to receive some by text, which will cost more, or do you want an email note?  Or would you like to receive the information in a mixture of both?  You may choose the alternatives, depending on the information given on the call. For example, the information might be full of names, or directions – things that would take longer to text, and would be read more easily in an email. On other occasions, the details of the call might just be a quick confirmation or a time or date – easy to send and receive in a text. But, once we know what things are involved in calls for your type of business, we can come to an agreement on which you prefer.
  • Some of the calls you receive may be more important than others.  If so how do we handle those? Do we call you in some circumstances? Again, in our initial chat with you, you can tell us on which occasions you would want us to call you, and what you consider to be extra important.
  • Because we have an initial planning meeting, and it is something you require, we can help your callers with more complex tasks, such as providing technical support for products if your customers need help.
  • If you are on holiday - what process do you want us to follow - do we send information to a designated person or do we let the caller know you are away and you will respond on your return? Do you want a reminder message when you get back re. those calls?
  • Have you got anyone who calls regularly just for a 'chat' or a 'catch up' that you want us to kindly and professionally 'put off' until a time of your convenience? We are very used to doing this, and do it in a very tactful way.
  • How do you want us to handle cold calls to you? 
  • How do you want us to react if a family member or partner is trying to get in touch? 
  • Importantly, some of these things may change over time, so we need to check in from time to time to ensure our agreed process is still suitable and working well. 
  • After our initial planning meeting knowing what you want answered, what you want us to say and how, we create an individual script for your business.

Using a service like ours, gives you peace of mind, and the freedom to focus on your business without interruptions.

As one of our clients said, ‘they have always impressed us with their professionalism, politeness and endless patience. They are a very valued part of our team.’

For more information about how we can help please call us on 01666 511340, use our contact form or email