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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

panic buttonWe can provide a business with a telephone based disaster recovery mechanism which can provide emergency communications between your company and it's customers as well as supporting business to employee interactions as well. Many industry standards (ISO17799) and formal accreditation bodies (Lexecel) require the provision of a disaster recovery plan and a suitable level of business continuity planning; it's possible as an small or medium business you will never need to comply with these standards but there are many sensible things that you could do - just in case the worst case happens.

The process for setting this up is quite simple, we will provide a business with a dedicated telephone number or numbers, we will configure our systems and train our staff against a broad specification provided by you. We will take regular updates from you regarding staff names and contact details so that we are ready in case we are needed.

This Disaster Recovery mechanism can be invoked at any time and of course we will do our best to react quickly to any changes you might need to make whilst sorting out whatever may be affecting your business.

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