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Case Study - Brochure Distribution

Brochure Distribution

Brochure Distribution

One of our clients distributes a brochure on behalf of a number of charities and UK institutions that sells subscriptions, memberships and days out. The brochure goes out several times a year and proves to be extremely popular resulting in an influx of telephone calls around the time the brochure distribution cycle occurs.

Due to our flexible nature and our ability to staff on demand, The Virtual Business Centre is able to increase our capacity so that when our client launches a new brochure we have a team of people able to handle the influx of sales orders resulting from it.

If you have a sales order product and a dedicated phone line, outsourcing your calls to The Virtual Business Centre allows you to cost-effectively scale up on an interim basis without worry - we can cover your sales line and make sure that you are maximizing your sales opportunities.

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