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Submitted by virtual on 30 May 2019

Great article about how outsourcing can help small businesses grow and of a business local to us here in Wiltshire!  Well done BundleBean, great product and a great success story.

Sometimes looking outside your core business to identify areas where the company may either be slightly lacking in resources or where the internal skill set does not quite fit the demands of the business can really help.  Often outsourcing can sound like an admission of failure when really it’s a creative solution to a problem in order to strengthen and grow a business.

We take the responsibility of outsourced phone answering very seriously and treat everyone one of the phone calls we answer as if it were our own business.

You may think relying on voicemail is the answer but evidence suggests that it’s always better to have a friendly voice even if it’s just for message taking. We are open 7 days a week and a helpful friendly voice is guaranteed every time.

For more information call: 08080 510866 or email