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Coronavirus Update

We are working as normal during this difficult time. If there is anything we can do help you and your business, please get in touch on 08080 510 866, use our contact form or email

Lockdown cover - telephone answering

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We all have those times when things go wrong, like the current coronavirus lockdown situation we find ourselves in, or when illness strikes or you simply need some time off at short notice. Or you suddenly land that big contract and your phones are ringing off the hook. Whenever you need emergency telephone answering cover we can help.

We're able to be highly responsive and can swing in to action to cover you at short notice. All we need is a script we develop with you and some time to set you up on our phone system and we are good to go. Let us take some of the stress out of the situation by taking your calls; we can ensure a drama doesn't turn into a crisis.

At The Virtual Business Centre we will work with you to ensure we create a phone conversational flow that wiil ensure our staff ask the right questions to your caller. The information we take is then relayed through to you by your preferred method i.e. email or via a completed online web form via your web site.

Our call handling service should be viewed as a essential time management solution allowing you the freedom of not being disturbed by irrelevant calls and during these worrying times of the impact of coronovirus and the associated lockdown ensures you don't have to worry about training up new staff if you and your existing team are currently working from home, and when the lockdown is lifted and everyone returns to the office then your business can more easily transition to normal.

We have a very low turn over of staff and this enables us to ensure we can consistently provide a high quality professional service when representing your business and you are only paying for the activity undertaken yet you are accessing the wrap around phone handling supplied by The Virtual Business Centre 7 days a week.

For more information about how we can help please call us on 08080 510 866, use our contact form or email