Telephone Answering

As an Inbound Callcentre, we can provide affordable telephone answering to all sizes of business. Below are some typical telephone answering scenarios - some are common, some rather bespoke.

We have many clients with very specific requirements and we do love a challenge! Call us now on 08080 510866 for an informal chat to discuss your individual needs and how we can help, our basic package starts at £10 per month and £1 per call.

At The Virtual Business Centre we answer your phones in your company name and relay messages instantly to you via email, fax or SMS.

Alternatively, we will seamlessly transfer the caller through to you, advising you who is on the line (and giving you the chance to ask us to take a message) as well as providing the image that your company has a full-time receptionist.

We won't charge you for calls received from wrong numbers, and if you ask us to we can even screen out all of your sales calls.

So How Does It Work?

You have a number of options when utilising our service - we can take every inbound call coming into your business or only when you need us to - i.e. when you are out of the office or on the other line.

Your line provider (i.e. BT) provides a very clever function that lets you choose when you want some help with your inbound calls. It has a minimal cost to activate although you will need to set this up with your line provider, then we provide you with your own number within The Virtual Business Centre to divert your calls through to - it is as simple as that!

A typical phone call received for our clients lasts over 2 minutes - how much time might you save per day to concentrate on your business if we answered your telephones for you?

The Virtual Business Centre operates between the hours of 7.00am - 11.00pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 6.00pm at weekends, we have a range of packages on offer to suit all types and sizes of business.

One other point - our minimum telephone answering contract period is just one month.

Please call Claire Brewerton on 08080 510866 for further information or complete our enquiry form