#SBS Winners - 2019

Please find below a list of #sbs RT's by Theo in the year 2019. If you see any mistakes, please DM @virtualbuscent so we can fix them.

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10/02/2019 @AsktheChameleon, @Goal17Global, @kraftykoriginal, @illustratorbeck, @hoof_on, @ashes_oak
03/02/2019 @FabFudge_UK, @KipMcGrathHull1, @the_gift_fox, @AcrocirqueUK, @lawyer_inmaking, @open_dawes
27/01/2019 @MortgageSquared, @RockingFelter, @DunsterBeachHut, @V_Automobilia, @PriorityIT, @admin_sc
20/01/2019 @cypchocolate, @treecarving, @happydecs, @EaglesCreative, @TF_interiors, @GaryC86
13/01/2019 @Beau_Sheep, @HarrietLowther, @i_love_dolly, @got2sing, @KateOBrienArt, @MulberryTravel
06/01/2019 @explorebuxton, @Britsluvvintage, @Indigo_Greens, @recordthem, @cafetracknn, @WFitnessH