Sales Order Processing

Lines open Mon - Fri 8.00am - 11.00pm and Weekends 9.00am - 6.00pm

If you're a mail order business or you place ads in the press to sell your products, then it's a good idea to consider outsourcing your sales order processing.

Why outsource your sales order processing to The Virtual Business Centre?

• Commercially aware
• The team is very sales focused - they're not just order takers
• Fully web enabled
• Postcode verification software
• Actively look to upsell and promote offers
• Can handle voucher/coupon response
• Can handle complaints and returns
• Can handle all financial aspects e.g. refunds and credit notes

The Virtual Business Centre specifically handle your incoming calls and also any response from vouchers or coupons. The details are then processed normally utilising your website.

If your customers place orders by sending payments with vouchers or coupons then The Virtual Business Centre can also undertake the banking as part of the sales order processing.

There are no contractual tie-ins so if you have a short term campaign, then the service offered by The Virtual Business Centre is ideal. You just need to give one months notice.

The Virtual Business Centre can also provide you with any type of geographic or non-geographic number.

As part of the sales order processing, The Virtual Business Centre will utilise postcode software so that all address details captured are 100% accurate to Royal Mail standards.

This is a fast, accurate and responsive way to manage your sales order processing.

How much does it cost?

There is a one off set up fee from £100.00 - The 'from' £100.00 means that the set up fees may be higher and the amount would be determined by the level of staff training you require for your sales order processing.

There is a monthly management fee from £100.00 - The 'from' £100.00 means that if you make regular changes to products, promotions, or your account just needs more management, then the monthly fees will be higher.

Call handling charges for sales order processing are based on volumes, so the more you use the service the cheaper it becomes:

• 0-400 mins per month, call handling charged at 95p per min
• 400-750 mins per month, call handling charged at 75p per min
• 750+ mins per month, call handling charged at 60p per min

Please call Claire Brewerton on 08080 510866 for further information or complete our enquiry form