May 2018 - Outbound calls with The Virtual Business Centre

BLOG – May 2018 Outbound calls with the Virtual Business Centre
Over the last few months we have talked in general terms about the concepts surrounding data cleansing and data protection and this month we are going to take a depth look at how The Virtual Business Centre could manage an outbound call campaign for your business.
The process often starts with an incoming request on the back of a recommendation from other clients. Our first step is usually a phone call to establish the nature of the project and then a meeting to work out the exact scope of the data and to determine exactly what the client wants to achieve.
We will often suggest test calls to ensure that the calls are resulting in the information the client needs and that the data is being recorded in a format which can easily be imported back into the client database. This can easily be overlooked but it is a critical factor. The Virtual Business Centre are hugely experienced with the technical aspects of running a successful call campaign and can assist with designing spreadsheets and databases which can track changes. We operate on a basis of complete transparency and accountability so that changes to data are tracked and each and every record is updated and accounted for.
Finally, you will hear many outbound call centres refer to “call scripts”, whilst we always work within parameters given to us by our clients and take time to clearly understand the nature of your business, we work on the basis of a conversation and it’s testament to this approach that we have such a successful track record.
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