March 2018 - Clean Data

In last month’s blog we dealt with the importance of clean data and this month we are going to take a look at the importance of data protection and the use of data by call centres.

With so many high profile scandals regarding the misuse of private data being seen within the media last year your customers will be understandably concerned about where and how their data might be used and stored so it is vital you deal with call centres who are experienced and professional in their dealings with data.

Before appointing a call centre you should research thoroughly and check that they are registered with regards to Data Protection. The Virtual Business Centre are registered with the ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office) who are the Regulators of the Data Protection Act and are there to protect how personal data is used in the public domain.

A good quality call centre will take this issue very seriously and will have strict procedures in place to ensure they are compliant with the rules around the use of personal data.

For example, an incoming call to a call centre is answered and whilst going through the process of ordering tickets for an event the customer asks that the call centre check the address they have on record. A simple request but under data protection that information simply could not be given out as we cannot verify the callers identity.

In an increasingly digital world and with the rise in identity theft the topic of data protection is something which customers are becoming more and more aware of and therefore entrusting data to a call centre with a solid reputation who has clear data protection processes should be high on the list of priorities when researching who to appoint. As the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) looms this is an issue we all need to take very seriously.