June 2018 - Holiday cover

It’s almost the school holidays and that hopefully means time off but are you worried about who will answering your phones?

For many small businesses this can be problematic, it’s hard when you are the only one answering emails, taking orders and answering phones at the best of times but during holidays it can seem like an impossibility. Even large businesses need to be able to offer their staff flexibility within the school holidays and we can be here to facilitate that.

Here at The Virtual Business Centre we are hugely experienced in adapting to clients’ needs at short notice and our staff are highly adaptable giving them the ability to understand and respond to each client’s individual requirements. Most of our staff have worked for us for 8 years or more giving a wealth of experience and knowledge and a commitment to excellent customer service.

We answer phones for about 200 different clients ranging from individuals just starting out on their business journey to huge household names. We can take messages, process orders and tickets, book into diary management systems and also offer order fulfilment from our warehouse facility.

We answer calls for a huge range of business sectors and deal with companies in the UK and within Europe.

Whatever your requirement, no matter how large or small, we answer every call with exactly the same level of professionalism and care.

For more details email : enquiries@vb-services.com or call Claire on: 01666 511340