July 2018 - Why calling your customers can be just as important as them calling you.

Last month we talked about holiday cover and how The Virtual Business Centre can step in whilst you are away. This month we will be considering using the holiday season as an ideal time to clean data, talk to clients and take stock of your customer relationships.

Here at The Virtual Business Centre we not only take inbound calls but have a dedicated outbound team who can make calls to your customers on your behalf.

Often we only hear from customers when they are unhappy and that can be damaging to a long term business relationship, keeping in touch regularly makes customers feel valued and listened to and has a positive effect.

We have completed call campaigns to many different end users in various different ways, from customer surveys to quarterly bench marking, from post sales satisfaction to follow up calls on product samples. We work closely with you to determine the outcome you want to achieve and create a process and script so it is a completely bespoke solution.

Keep in touch with the most important part of your business: your customers.

For more information email: enquiries@vb-services.com or call Claire on: 01666 511340