February 2018 - Re-establish yourself

Early Spring and traditionally a time for spring cleaning and new beginnings and it’s no different in the business sector. Clean data is one of the most valuable resources a company can have and a skilled call centre can help you maintain your customer data. Bad data gives your customers the wrong impression, incorrect emails, addresses and misspellings of names all contribute to wrongly communicate that a company may be unprofessional and slapdash in its dealings.

A good call centre can hugely impact how your company is perceived and lets your customers know how you value your interactions with them.

We were approached by a company who were looking to re-establish themselves within a market sector they had not been involved with for some time. The aim of the outbound call campaign was to contact previous suppliers and engage with them in their new partner programme. We made 5000 outbound calls and were able to triple the number of official partners creating a new revenue stream. Working closely with the company we trained our team of staff to understand the complexities of the products and services and therefore be as effective as possible when making the calls.

As well as gaining valuable leads as a part of the process we were also able to clean the data as a direct result of the phone calls. Using Excel, we analysed the calls to determine how successful the calls were in each industry sub-sector thereby enabling the company to determine where to focus their future marketing efforts.

These findings were passed to the company on a daily basis for their internal staff to follow up on. Needless to say the company were delighted with the success of the campaign and the level of detailed analysis we could provide and we have continued to work closely with them.

Good data gives you the opportunity to effectively market to your customer database building trust and ensuring customers have faith in how you manage their personal details.