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Case Study - Events Catering Company Missing Calls


Case Study - Events Catering Company Missing Calls

One of our clients runs a business that specialises in catering for events, in particular weddings and corporate parties. They have a fantastic reputation and have been working in the industry for many years and frequently get recommended by their clients to others.

However, they are a small family team and quite often can’t handle their calls when they are at an event, or when they take time off for family reasons. That doesn’t stop the phone ringing....and they were worried they were losing business

They approached us initially about covering their phone lines for two weeks whilst they went away on holiday; during that time our staff handled around 40 calls for them.

When our client returned from their holiday they were surprised, they  usually only take 15-20 calls a week. Suddenly they wondered how many calls were they missing when they were out doing their events?

The Virtual Business Centre has now been handling their calls for several years, we are on hand to pick up their calls 7 days a week - perfect for when they are away from their office. The calls we answer has resulted in huge amounts of business for the firm and has more than covered our costs of £1.00 per message. 

Don’t miss out on business opportunities during the times when you can’t answer the phone. From just £15 per month and £1 per message, we are an affordable and professional service who can help support your business growth.

For more information about how we can help please call us on 08080 510 866, use our contact form or email