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Submitted by virtual on 1 January 2019

Last month we looked at the important issue of data protection and this month we are looking at extending your working hours and adding value to what you can offer your customers in terms of availability and responsiveness to telephone calls.
Expectations from your customers on working hours are changing year on year as we move towards an age where everything and everyone is available 24/7. Whilst the use of smartphones has increased our ability to work flexibly outside core business hours and be seen to have extended working hours it is still very difficult to be available to take all calls all the time whilst also maintaining a good level of customer service. Having more staff to answer phones is the obvious solution but in reality this can be very difficult for a small company to achieve when margins are tight and often the number of staff employed is very few. There can be a constant battle to manage the needs of a business to enable it to grow and succeed whilst also looking after your most precious resource, your existing customers.
If you aren’t able to answer a call you may find your competitor can.
At The Virtual Business Centre, we understand this only too well and work with many small businesses to enable them to take those next steps which could be, for example, to allow the expansion of a business or simply managing one off tactical projects designed to bring in new clients and boost revenue.
Whatever your strategic direction The Virtual Business Centre can offer a professional team who can step into your shoes and whom you can rely on to answer your calls from your customers with exactly the same care and respect as you would yourself - let us help you extend your working hours!